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  1. im not a huge fan of forums or posting but feel pretty obligated to post on this 1 to voice a bit of advice for people he owes as i was once owed ALOT by him. I met him shortly before he chopped the million for the first time seemed like a good guy bit arrogant but not much more then myself. he always was claiming he was "dollars busto" and get me to transfer and would give me pounds. Thought it was a good way to get pounds as i had just moved to cornwall near where he lived. he ended up oweing me alot of money aswell as quite a few of my friends. but started getting staked so we shut our mouths hopeing he binked something and sent us our money back. somehow he ended up in the million with 90 percent of himself after i assume his backer dropped him. and he struck lightning in the bottle once again and chopped it on his flat mates account dean23price. which was followed by a post on my fb wall from a friend of mine saying "you will never belive it dean23price just chopped the million" below marc posting I AMAZE MYSELF. I ended up getting the majority of my money back which i thank God about everyday knowing it wasnt very likely. I then erased him from msn and fb and continued on. I thought of posting something warning people he was a scammer but was informed i probaly wouldnt get too much credit as i have very few posts on all forums. I REALLY regret not doing it now or convincing a friend of mine who also got scammed to post it. my advice for the people would be to pray that he somehow strikes lightning in bottle for a 3rd time and you will get the majority of ur money back if not all of it. My experience with him has been the single worst experience of my life. i hope you all somehow get your money back and he gets what he deserves. I definatly learned a valuable lesson hope everyone else can take something from it aswell.

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