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    Well wow, where to begin...I came here as a fan, and remain the same over (2) years later. I have been very fortunate to meet VIP's in the poker world to help my game, and I was personally mentored for (2) years by a huge poker star in his own right and I <3. I have had the opportunity to talk strat w/ppl that I respect within this great community, and learn from the best at my finger tips. Also, I share ability info and mentor friends and my poker team. Poker is a commitment, I mean its like breathing...poker is my escape. I am respectfully a large field MTT and rebuy expert, and I call my game "sit n win poker", as I play a very small volume for big results. The poker community IS P5's, and I'm very pleased to be a part of it. TYTY for the <3....<3 my poker peeps ;)
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    32Red Poker
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    * successful self employed entrepreneur
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    Las Vegas, NV ( Hi mom & dad <3)
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    * P5's * Owning whenever I plz... * TEAM FLASH * Swinging for the fences on my own $ * Stackin chipz * Risk taking * facebook (new) * chillin * Takin notes * Dream chasin * changing my poker profile =)
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