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    Im on my way just wait and see...
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    32Red Poker
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    fulltime champ
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    M.I.L.F. hunting
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    high stakes

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  1. what to be results oriented. lol if you ever fold there your an idiot. woulda jus been unlucky if he turns over AA. cant jus put him on it
  2. daize can be #1 anytime he wants really. no offense to jymaster or anyone but im sure they all know know that anyway.
  3. yo brim, big fan here =)
  4. don't waste your time and money going to Florida although the cash games are pretty soft your better off just going to Vegas. Florida has shit tournaments for the most part neway.
  5. slowrolling is for retards who like to waste time, just snap the fkn man and move on u lucky piece of shit.
  6. limp pre...probably checkraise the flop, then check call turn, and then possibly folding to a big river bet...is the line i would take and if he raises pre after the limp i prolly just shove or fold. Only hands i can think of that he vbets river that u beat would be; non 2 pair Kx, AQ (which i doubt he has prolly just 3b that pre), Q9, Q8, but highly doubtful as well so id prolly just fold if i was u and hes never turning smaller pairs into bluffs either cuz he'd prolly try to get AI pre with pocket pairs.
  7. the main difference is: cash players are better at poker than tournament players.
  8. dude is good at poker but not jawdropping good, and it helps to have luck on your side.

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