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  1. I would offer the following suggestions for the contest: 1. Top 5 scores count, according to P5's points. As the contests ran back in the day. This allows a more level playing field for those that will play high volume during the series and those who won't. Having standings that accumulate TOTAL cashes or TOTAL P5's points is less than ideal imo. It is also important to note that many of us have been limited to 4 table maxes on Carbon. That's not a major concern except for Sundays, when the events run together. However, in general, it is a small part of the "lower volume" argument in general, which probably affects several players. 2. I would suggest (for both pools) that if there are 5 players or less then you do a winner take all. 6-10 players pay 1st and 2nd (80/20), and 11 or more pay 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (50/30/20). If I do play in the contest I would be in for high, and would possibly be in for the low bracket also. I'm indifferent to the entry fees, and majority can rule on that for all I care. If I play in the contest I'll post in this thread when I know for sure. Again, just a few suggestions, which you guys are welcome to take or leave. Thanks to AJ for running the contest, and as always good luck out there. Dog

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