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  1. ur pretty much the best

  2. He was at my 10k wcoop table this past sunday and was playin insaaaaaaaaane, way crazier than any1 else at our table. Seemed quite competent but would do some outrageous things pretty frequently
  3. Had the same problem as cswidler here on my mac for a veerrrrrry long time and this solved it all, tyty
  4. Lol, lol, lol, lol, lol, lol.... Superuser as in drinks a lot of alcohol when he plays and owns even harder? This thread is real cute.
  5. What a fkin boss

  6. Are some ppl still able to reg for trnys? Seems pretty absurd if so, the 265 ko field just went up by 2 for some reason... PS Bryan any updates?
  7. What is going on? Having a lot of trouble logging in, thought it was my comp at first...
  8. I am real curious about this also, seems absurd if they dont give refunds... I was in the 215 200k at the time, and all of a sudden the trny disappeared from the whole website, kept trying to get back in it for almost 2 hours with no success.
  9. Yeah is something going on? I was in the $215 and can't find it anywhere
  10. Nicholas J. Dawgg, Rajon Rondo and AmericanBullyon bout to tear things up
  11. that's a hood figga if i ever seen one
  12. very well put by kleath, a headsup battle in the big 3.30 seems appropriate and one-time ship the yearly to pessagno.
  13. What ur saying makes a lot of sense actually, I don't know if you're the type of reg to Jam A-hi here though on this flop :) Regardless though, all i'm trying to say is this guy is super capable and a "move" should always be a strong part of his range.
  14. Well when I say NEVER fold, I mean in this particular spot against this particular opponent... every spot is very dynamic based and you are right, your dynamic with him could be much different than mine. But here is the logical I am going with. I am assuming that you look like a tighter, but capable reg to him. He probably does not think you are much of a spaz, I have never in my life thought that you were a 'spaz' by any times we have played if i'm not mistaken. I don't think that he thinks you're just going to spaz with QJ here or AJ or anything like that. You obviously certainly can though with the dynamic and it does make it a much trickier spot. From what I know about this opponent though, he is all about going for those mind-fuck spots where you get put on an insanely tough decision like this. Therefore, knowing how capable he is in these spots really leans this towards a call and reevaluate. Also, you said what if a K smashes on the turn... That really shouldnt be a concern at all, if hes flatting like KJ here and smashes a K on the turn then you are just unlucky. I also don't think he has a flush draw with overs much by his small raise sizing (altho he's good/a weirdo so its not out of the question), so his range is really like overpairs or air and I think it's much more leaned towards air actually. More likely, he will miss the turn and barrell again. I think the pot will be super inflated on the turn and you can see what kind of bet he puts out there. I think if he puts a bigger sized bet on the turn it's much more likely a bluff but like I said he is quite tricky so you never know. Don't know how organized this rant of thoughts is lol but one last thing, it is super likely that he is 3-balling AA/KK pre imo... he 3-bets A TON normally so it just seems weird that he would flat here when you would prob gladly 4-bet ship 77 in his face a lot. Plus, I don't know how he is going to perceive your opening range from that early position, but he probably will think of it as tighter which makes gives more inclination to him 3-betting all his high pairs. I def don't think flatting is EVER out of the equation or anything like that, I really hate saying that I wouldn't ever do something in certain spots cuz that is frankly not true. I make some outrageous folds sometimes too based on dynamics, but you have to base it on a true dynamic and not level yourself. Guys like 'opponent' in this spot will constantly go after you in tough spots where you will 'level' yourself a lot about the dynamic and potentially make some tight laydowns for your trny life. I've played with opponent before deep in a $700 pca satty where the table was filled with easier opponents but he was constantly 3-betting me and getting involved in pots with me (not the normal strategy for a good reg at this table)... He does not play scared at all. Hope that helps with the thought process there.
  15. I think against this opponent you should never be folding this flop... I would flat here and reevaluate turn. I don't understand what hes repping other than AA, KK and I think he usually 3-bets those pre. EDIT: Pluussss your continuation bet sizing seems like 60% or a little bit bigger , I think he may interpret this as weaker fwiw... I don't think you'd c-bet as big with overpairs and I kinda think he would take same mindset in this spot. He can def put a lot of pressure on opponents too, it seems like you could have easily missed that board and in his mind you are c-betting 100% of hands you open with pre on this board (whether you are doing it or not)

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