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  1. Had given up but just popped in for the sake of it...good to see ur back!
  2. 2nd year in a row a dane wins the TCOOP Leaderboard...Grats Cmoosepower
  3. Gus allegedly won 2,5 mill $ in backgammon when sitting out of a 25k buyin hiroller in 2011...i think he could care less about onlinepoker/poker
  4. Love your posts and follow religously, I am getting a bit tilted over your continued use of "$hitty reg" in sentences...whatever happended to "respect other people and pokerplayers" ? Keep up the good work
  5. This sucks too http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/5370261_1855624A6E
  6. Hah..no way...americans as a whole are horrible and really needed on Pokerstars
  7. The new stuff in Stars Software has pretty much made TN worthless except for a few things.
  8. Actually Options->Hotkey Settings cud do it i think, if u add + to"set bet amount to x bb"
  9. You can do it with the mousewheel and the customized buttons in Options->Bet Slider Options
  10. Missclick regged for a 500$ hu sng on party back in the day when 500 was my whole roll
  11. f that nit luckbox...one of the most horrible regs on stars

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