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    ANY with BIG PRIZE


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  1. Hi All, I am playing poker with Alias 'IndianShindian' more than 5 years. That's sad in my starting phase I chose 888 poker instead of Pokerstars or Fulltilt. Its not like I have the option its simply not in my knowledge so kept playing on 888. I learned Poker on 888 but don't know what kept me this long with 888 until I heard about Everest Poker. After Everest I moved to Celeb poker then william hill so.... and so.... now I am playing only three Poker rooms Pokerstars, Fulltilt & 888. Its been 3+ years with pokerstars, 1+ with fulltilt & <><> infinity years with 888. But couldn't make money nor success. thought that staking can improve my poker skills. So start applying for staking, and finally received one on Fundoopoker.com through Muchospoker.com and keep getting staked for more than 18 months or in between. That didn't help me too, then I moved to advanced software that can help u to make decision with their HUD on and scanner on and calculator on........ except my mind on. I dont know what to read or not. .How to use this software.......... where I can find my leaks, if I find them what to do to correct them. I hated that much stress. It even more stressed then in my staking days, completely irritated. I done everything that I could do improve my Poker skills everything..... except this that I am about to do in my next PARAGRAPH. Now my loan History. Its not so Big a slightly very very low. I ask help from Infusion_leo he advised me a nice tip that is working but it required a long time. Now I am broke and playing again with my pennies. But this Time I am asking you guys please..... please........ Be My Sensei Teach me complete Poker PLEASE Poker community coach me as I am a dedicated poker player who wants to be a professional poker player. And Kept that in mind that I cant pay you any money cos I don't have any. please don't refer me any coaching website/videos, I just want.. a real human teach me poker.

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