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    Caution - played seriously during flips in 2008 - MrCash2006



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    I cant put it up now for screenames, but i was Ashleythegrinder when i played on RPM. I was MrcASHgrinder27511 on Carbon.
    My p5s name is what i was when i played on Pokerhost.

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  1. Hey guys, take a look at the screenshots im about to show you, and let me know if you agree that this is collusion or not. The game is a 9 man hyper sng where the top 3 get the money. https://gyazo.com/65a2bcd18886c2270b0209a013e1fbc8 ^in that screenshot it will show us on the bubble and the blinds are 100 200, the smallblind is Zflashpool and he shoves into the player saa saa in the bigblind who is already invested for 200, so its an obvious call with any 2 cards. Yet, he finds a fold.Why? to keep his partner alive and in the game, or hell even maybe his other account who knows. I

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