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  1. Really Tired With Pala Poker Late Regging Bots

    Hey Knocker, Sorry for the late reply but I am a 59 year old working mother (AND poker player lol). But I am really glad you are saying what you are saying AND a Top Advisor. Do I want to be one of the people yelling "rigged"? Of course not. Do I want to be the "salty" player complaining about bad beats? Absolutely not (in fact I am glad the word "bad beat" has MOSTLY been replaced with the more appropriate word cooler in live play, because variance is real BUT.... some of the "card distribution" algorithms are absolutely ridiculous. Like you said "I watch". I have started to take screen shots and even videos of hands. And it's not as if we are crazy. If I am correct Joe Ingram and many other players spotted bot patterns on ACR/WPN etc. (threads are closed hmm?) and other sites and spent massive amounts virtually PROVING the fact that this crap takes place. As stated I am an older female micro stakes player so what do I matter right...? WRONG. I do play the occasional $10/$30 buy in MTT and have done well when I have. While I do not have the time to play live I do have some decent results online (enough that I filed 1099-K's). How many times have you been in a situation where you have the EXACT hand and when I say exact I mean same suits same order? And when you have THAT hand you know what at LEAST 2 other players at your table have because when you don't have the hand your holding you have one of the other two hands that will 100% complete a flush or river a straight etc. How do we know this? We look at the board post flop and or watch someone shove pre OOP with the most ridiculous hand destroying every player who didn't get out of line. It's a case of been here done that. It's groundhog day. And the biggest thing that rings true is your mention of NOTICING the patterns. Once you or I have I literally start to play the patterns rather than the players i.e. "yeah I will ship it UTG+3 with 7/4 d/d" because I KNOW my flush will complete and it does UNTIL the "algorithms" change for the week, month or whatever... and it's a terrible way to play. As you said it IS a product and it's one of the reasons I take umbrage with Daily Free Rolls having rebuys+add ons (WSOP). It's a free roll guys your literally paying for cashes with your own money here... I have seen players literally rebuy to the point of being upside down (i.e. even if they were to take FIRST they would not make even a REMOTE ROI...) are they just stupid, crazy, both? OR is there more to it. I won't go on and on about all the crazy things we see online, nor will I stop playing because I do see less of this type of thing happening if one is careful with their game selection BUT it is sad fact that online POST Black Friday isn't all that much different than it was pre.

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