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  1. New Player cant tell if I run bad or am bad.

    Thanks for replying, tried to send you a pm but have no idea if it sent, so i feel as thought my main issues is poor brm and bad tilt, I do have other profiles where i have deposited two other times made new profiles to use first deposit bonus again, all times i have deposited i have double or more my roll within a short period of time i feel my main issue is getting ahead of myself and moving up stakes too fast and getting hit with one bad beat when i have been running like god for hours and then ultra tilting after after that because the icm? i think is the right term,losing on the higher stakes has more of an effect on my roll then the winnings at lower, of course i still have no doubt i play 99% of spots wrong 99% of the time i tilt quite hard and go on a wild goose chase after my losing sessions which cause me to lose more then blaming it on bad beats when im actually just making mistakes, but i do feel i alot of my issues are burning money when im tilted or on a bad run and not knowing when to quit, whats your opinion of this idea and also do you have any suggestions for what sort of stakes i should be playing and a good starting roll size for trying again?

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