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  1. gotcha, thanks. yeah, i'm holding longer than a year on everything i buy. i bought more this week on what i though was the dip at 5.97. at least we're close to that again lol. gl to us...
  2. dd, i have no idea what any of this means lol. i'm probably gceh cheerleader #2 in here so would appreciate a translation.
  3. graphite and biodiesel! let's gooooooooo
  4. sounds awesome. i've also never been to red rocks but certainly will eventually. i've really gotten into bob weir & wolf bros in the past year and seeing them at red rocks will be amazing i'm sure.
  5. you lucky bastard. it's way too close to my vacation or i'd strongly consider. have a blast...
  6. i'm still holding both (gceh and cbulf) and plan to for the long run. for now i've got enough of them and have finally started to diversify and have 4 other stocks that i've bought. i still want to add some spy and / or vti, before pumping up my others (and maybe adding some arkk) and then i'll add some more gceh and cbulf.
  7. that's awesome. mine was 26.9 cents. so i guess in that respect we're both still doing really well lol. cheers
  8. dd, gceh has took a beating recently. you hanging in there? i've got a fraction of what you do and it's been rough. since i'm long i don't care too much, but always better to see it go in the other direction!
  9. def bumping some dmx tonight. this shits a throw back to way the fuck when
  10. lol i've failed so miserably at this. GCEH = 55% of my portfolio and CBULF = 35% of my portfolio. at least i have that 10% of big pharma and some REIT!
  11. Nothing, obv. I was more commenting on how it's a struggle to decide on diversifying vs continuing to buy more of the stocks that have done really well for me, thus far.
  12. i have this weird desire to diversify and have all of these stocks on my watch list. but i can't help but feel that i shouldn't do anything but continue to dump money into gceh and cbulf, which have returned huge for me. with each deposit i say this is the one i'm buying vti, or this is the one i'm buying spy. but here we go, another deposit sure to fund some biodiesel or some african graphite. it's what's fun anyway. eventually i'll become more sensible.
  13. fuck yeah, i've missed this!

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