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  1. I'm 0% of the time folding here for a couple reasons. 1) Its early in a low buy in merge tournament with a ton of bad players 2) You can rebuy 3) The math is more than good. Ur getting ~2 to 1 (3001 to call a pot of 6391). There's 6 combinations of AA, KK, QQ each that have you 4 to 1 beat. 16 combinations of AK thats 1 to 1, flipping. I'd put TT in his range too, where ur a 4 to 1 favorite. Thats 18 times your beat 4 to 1, 16 times ur flipping, and 6 times your beating him. There are different ways to do the math. To simplify it I like to think of it like ur 4 to 1 and flipping equally as often, that gives you 65% equity right there so ur already making money on the call getting 2 to 1. Add the possibility of TT in his range and you get more profitable. And this is all said putting him on the range of TT+, AK which is really conservative. I've seen players wake up with shit like 66 in this spot before.

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