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    girls golf and gambling
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  1. "We go back and forth little on the subject and finally I say that I think that when I say I want the action that it is a verbally binding unless one of us cancels it verbally before the event starts." I have been involved in being staked, staking, buying and selling pieces daily for the last 3 years and i 100% agree with what Matt says above. Granted the people i buy and sell pieces with i have dealt with and known for a long time so swaping and buying/selling is standard so this kind of thing is never an issue, but once a verbal agreement is made that the action is being taken and it is accepted by both parties, the action is BOOKED. to me, this is the main reason why the chat is so crucial. if it clearly is accpeted by bakes there should be no argument. this is just my personal input. i am 100% neutral here and know neither of them personally. the only thing i can say for bakes side of the argument is if neither of you have bought pieces of each other ever before, not even once, then maybe i could see how he feels like he is getting freerolled but its still a weak argument IMO

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