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  1. Then again, that was taped before the inauguration, so I dont think he heard covid was over yet.
  2. Came across the rerun of Howard's interviewing with Dr Agus this morning on my way to work. I assume it was you who I remembered mentioning that guy. Dude seem knowledgeable as fuck. Listen to most of it for like an hour or whatever it was and Im glad I did.
  3. If Trump would have just conceded the day after the election like an adult, Covid would have ended 2 months ago. Instead, we had to wait until Biden officially won for it to be over. At least we all finally made it.
  4. Hacker has gone so far into full troll mode over the last 4 years that it might take him a few years to slowly turn it off. Hes been 99% blowhard for so long its going to take him a while. He'll get through this though. I believe in him.
  5. Dammit. Once again i thought i took a decent fringe guy and three other had the same idea. This league is horsehit.
  6. I wasnt even referring to the evidence or what any of the senators will do. I was just mentioning that theres no action on it. Trump supporters got crushed cause he never overturn the election so theyre not out here blasting at the "no" side to inflate the line the same way there were helping keeping the Biden election line low. I pulled the line from befair exchange last night and there was only like 200k wagered on it so far. For reference there was $500million bet pre election and like $1.7billion bet between election day and January 6th when they took the line down. Thats just an exchange on one site. Idk the average odds placed, but the Trump backers on berfair alone lost like 100 million when he didnt overturn the election. So im sure they dont give a shit anymore. Only the anti-trump people care now of hes impeached so i think the yes side of it stays low. Just my random thoughts when I saw it last night. 0
  7. Yeah im curious to see if it moves once everyone recovers from betting the election. Trump backers got their asses handed to them in the last 2-3 months, so im not sure if they are all ready to jump back in yet. There was like zero money on the exchange lines yet so we'll see how it moves. +250 seems way too low.
  8. Wow, actually way closer than what I thought. Line on Senate to convict at like +250
  9. Im not taking anymore of your money, but can you keep us updated in new Q posts? Kinda curious to see how long this goes.
  10. We are all so use to pickering that we dont even realize we are agreeing. Nature is healing.
  11. It took a half day for you to forget every Hacker post in the last 4 years? lol Good luck deciding what side was worse during that whole shitshow.
  12. Biden is going to be boring and no one is going to care for the next 2 years. Then the midterms will come up and it will be "the most important election of our lifetimes" like they say every election, then people will kinda get worked up again, then no one will care again after that until its 2024. The country is a lot more enjoyable when everyone treats politics like soccer. Every 4 years, the casual people get involved and excited, but the rest of the time, 99% of people dont give a shit.
  13. You think anyone told Trump that Biden's first tweet today got 3 million likes?
  14. There we go. Super Bowl really needs to be Saturdays. Even if you dont get drunk everyone likes to have parties. Its nice to sleep in after.
  15. See what i mean? Its cause your a scumbag. He tried to angleshoot a $50 freeroll 9 months ago and still lies about it. The guy is trash.

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