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  1. BF-Whizkid here, I mainly play PLO on the NJ sites but I like to play as many MTTs as I can during these tournament series. While I am unknown to most of you, I do like to put in my time studying the game on and off the tables. Due to the fact that I mostly play cash games, my online tracking doesn't do me justice. Have made a FT in a Sunday 100K last time I played and recently took 2nd in GSSS Event #13. Anyway, I'm putting a 1K package together for Sunday which consists of the following events: #22 Low - $50 #22 Mid - $200 #23 Low - $50 #23 Mid - $100 #23 Hi - $500 Satty to #22 High, 2 Bullets @50 I'm looking to sell 40-50% of the action with no MU. I can accept QuickPay or Paypal. 5%- $50 10% - $100 Thanks and Good Luck to everyone on Sunday!
  2. have 550 carbon (johnnydoh) want Chase Quickpay (500) plenty of trades on 2p2 (BF-whizkid) and p5
  3. Another succesful trade with LTU I sent first. BFWHIZKID on RPM

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