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  1. Jennifear


    Get it in. Some thoughts that aren't yet in this thread: If you know he's going to reraise again over the top of you, consider a smaller preflop reraise to limit your exposure to a possible narraist/martiny236 reshove. Even if you KNEW you were flipping, it's good to get it in here, due to future equity in the event that you lose. You'd rather have someone with $3+ at the table getting it all in every hand as opposed to someone with $1.63 getting it in every hand. Hope that helps!
  2. 5xBB raise definitely is heavily weighted towards QQ JJ TT AK. KK is ahead a great majority of the time here, so folding is a bad play. You're ahead at least 90% of the time in this situation, and probably more than 95% of the time to be honest. Folding is bad. Good call.
  3. Sorry about the jumbled post - couldnt get the proper spacing
  4. Take that A7 and shove it superfast. A7 is actually a monster hand for this spot. I'd shove much lighter. Note also that your opponents calling way too wide means they are also calling with hands that A7 beats.The bounty does make a difference here also.Without the bounties - here is your Nash Equilibrium shoving range:CO 52.3%, 22+ Ax+ K2s+ K5o+ Q2s+ Q8o+ J2s+ J8o+ T4s+ T8o+ 95s+ 98o 85s+ 87o 75s+ 64s+ 53s+ And their calling ranges: BU 9.4%, 77+ A8s+ ATo+ KQs SB 9%, 77+ A9s+ ATo+ KQs BB 18.1%, 55+ A4s+ A7o+ K9s+ KTo+ QJs Note that when they are calling wider, almost every hand they are calling with is at BEST a flip with A7.Add the bounty in the mix, and shoving 60-65% seems more reasonable.If they are indeed calling way too wide, maybe drop that 60-65% down to 50% due to reduced fold equity, and shove K6o or better.
  5. Just fold. If you hit, you won't know where you are at.
  6. Suggestions: - Start 10-tabling playchip tables to gete used to it. - Add one smaller buyin and keep it in the background while you focus on your reads on the bigger buyin tournament. - Just jump in with two tables but pay very close attention to the action, taking as many notes as you possibly can. The jump from 1 to 2 is the most significant. It's 100% more tables. The jump from 2 to 3, 3 to 4 etc will be easier.
  7. I'd think you don't have enough fold equity. The bigger stack (piston) isn't going to fold often enough here. cowboy may be trapping UTG. See a flop, and when you hit, you'll usually be able to stack someone.
  8. It's not the stake so much, it's the player, and therefore the range of hands that you are up against that matters. Even at a higher level SNG, there are losing players (or else the skilled players wouldn't even play because they couldn't beat the rake) We fold it to any range that AKs doesn't beat about 54-55% of the time. If our opponent has AQ in their range, especially if they are less likely to have AA, then this is a call.
  9. It's a call. You are ahead of their range by far enough to make this call comfortably.
  10. CarbonRyan, this is a very bad policy. A player who wins a ticket like this should have as long as they would like to use it. There's no good reason to rob the player of money he won from a prize pool, other than profiting at the player's expense.
  11. Thank you! I like it too! When I played, I used it to make a good living on the tables while minimizing risk.
  12. McBain - a few thoughts on your questions: Using ABI sucks - it's just an excuse for people to play over their heads. If you have $4000, your max MTT buyin shouldn't exceed $20.00. This doesn't mean that's responsible to play an equal amount of $10s and $30s. The $10s would be responsible, and the $30s would be irresponsible. Your poker bankroll is the total amount of money that you have available to play poker with. So, you would add up all the money you have on the sites and any offsite funds that are specifically for poker. Hopefully, if your poker bankroll is more than a few thousand, you wouldn't keep it all online. You may run the risk of running broke on a site or two, but your poker bankroll itself is safe. Hope that helps, feel free to follow up. If you do, please PM me with a link or else I might not see it.
  13. I'll add my two cents to WackyJaxon's post - I agree with him 100%: To be perfectly clear: Just because money is "in your poker bankroll" DOES NOT mean that you should have it online, and in my opinion, that's regardless of what country you live in. Never keep more online than you'd be fully comfortable losing, and generally speaking - keeping more than two day's buyins for your MTTs online doesn't usually make sense.
  14. Bovada has been around for a long time (as Bodog, etc) and has never, as far as I know, not paid a single player. I don't play online anymore, but if I were to, that's where I'd start.

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