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    a father & a husband
    Largest Score: Actually 101k, Pokerstars (chop)
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    dad, basketball and exercise, flipping
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    1/2 unlimited straddle Fishmos

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  1. you did not give any tournament information. Are we in the money, approaching the money? what position did you raise from?
  2. lulz. challenge failed, no Alienware for you OP :) happy NY
  3. i forget how many nba finals in a row Lebron has been to(6). Its getting to that point though. He has joined historic company in doing so, like Celtic shit from 50 years ago. He's lead every team to those finals. He is unarguably the best player in the league over the last few years, Russ outdoing him in every way though (rings, net worth, mvps, etc)
  4. whenever i think of basbeall cards i think back to that "trade night", my first one, I was maybe ten. I really liked Curtis Martin and the patriots so why not trade a Topps reggie jackson autograph for two Curtis Martin inserts?
  5. that's a lot of doe, I just watched him count for three minutes and he's still got a handful
  6. better time killer: [ ]playing snakes on a phone [x] rubbing my snake
  7. fuck u Ohio, i want a store
  8. I love weed so much I tried to marry Juana
  9. no answer, what makes u think a player is gonna play Kk through aa so passively pre and then just mash the flop OOP? I would have kind of thought the same with QQ but it is a bit more vulnerable so I can see villains doing this at a much higher rate with QQ opposed to kk and aa. if he's inducing pre with those hands he's going to do the same thing on the flop.
  10. Buchi F'ing Yayo, its been a long time

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