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  1. As somebody who's been investing a min of $150/day in tourney play on borgata (+ cash games from time to time) I haven't played on there in over a week. Over a week ago I got disconnected mid 5k and 10k to where I was never able to reconnect and was fully blinded out. I emailed borgata in which they replied by asking me to complete a number of steps to help "further escalate my refund request." After completing these steps, I emailed them back to which I got the generic reply, telling me to rest assure that my email would be forwarded to the appropriate department and then I would receive another reply. This is beyond frustrating that this still hasn't been resolved. If I had even received this refund even in T$ I'd at least be willing to give them another shot. But I've gotten nowhere with this so far. So unfortunately it seems like I'll be sitting out for a second Sunday in a row. Every time I've seen an overlay since this happened now, it kinda makes me laugh. To think of all the money the site would be saving in overlay $ by just making good on $150 from one player is silly.

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