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  1. Thanks for the input everyone! Im going to do that! I'm also staying away from spin ' n' go style games as thats where most of my play had been because they are just so quick and easy. deleted the apps on my phone so I never have the option for a quick game when surrounded by distractions etc so I think that will help greatly with my variance and tilt. will only play poker when I can sit and focus on the tast properly in my home office. Which surprisingly has already paid off!! out of my last 6 tournaments ive made 3 final tables... Never made a final table before so to make 3 3 in one week was a HUGE win for me. Not money wise tho since they were all low stakes tournaments with 50+ players, but good progress non the less!! Thanks everyone! Party on
  2. First time posting anything. Poker lover since my teens. Decided to forget everything I thought I knew about poker (which wasnt much beyond beer drinking home games) and really try to focus on the game and hopefully improve. I started playing online within the last 1.5-2 years. I feel like I have learned alot and honestly have gotten much better in terms of understanding the game better and learning the math behind it. Try to read up, read a few poker books, watch more televised poker than my wife can handle lol.. I am by no means a great player. I like to say "I'm good against bad players, but bad against good players". I managed to build a bankroll up to 4k at one point after a few $100-$200 deposits and then went on a hard bout of Tilt which I seem to have not been able to shake... regrettably making very poor decisions out of annoyance and anger and at the same time making some larger deposits to my account... Im fortunate enough to have a very good job so $1000 deposit here and there isn't the end of the world for me... HOWEVER, I'm here to improve, not be an absolute moron and just throw money away which I'm ashamed to say is kind of what I've done since busting my 4k bankroll. admittedly playing in stakes I have no business being in. having some wins and yo-yoing my bankroll before busting out again on a bad run.... needless to say I'm not definitely a losing player which isn't the greatest feeling, but I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet... I Felt like prior to my recent self destructive nature that I was actually making great steady progress etc and would like to get back to improving. What advice can all you smart poker ppl give a dummy like me that just wants to play better/good poker? Any articles, study material etc is greatly appreciated!! Trying to learn how to do proper analysis on myself and review hand history etc, but I honestly have no real clue how to go about doing that. so Ya, long story short, any solid jump off point advice to point me in a better direction to improve my game is all I'm really asking. Thanks in advance to anyone with anything helpful for me! its appreciated.

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