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  1. I am doing the bellagio main seperate from PCA/borgata. For a couple reasons but mostly because I don't really plan on selling any this close to tip off and I really don't care to sell much in it... inbox me for bellagio, will take wells fargo or cash in vegas I don't want to sell any to the borgata wpt main but I am doing it just as a favor to anyone that invests in me for the PCA main. Selling for two bullets at the PCA and one at borgata. I will be playing day 1a of borgata main and if I fire a 2nd bullet I will contact investors to reserve some in it before firing 2nd bullet. No mar
  2. i'd like to see a underrage kid do that without there parents knowing. I sit at all different times of the day, including middle of the night. I always get 6 tables on party and 6 on wsop for 12 total. When I sit first at plo the games always fill as well... at any time. The traffic is no where near where it should be if they did this right and allowed stars back in but it is also no where near dead.
  3. i currenlty play live 2/5-5/10 at nj n pa casinos as well as 1/2 to 5/10 online. holdem and omaha as well as mtts. Looking for a horse or two, pm me
  4. don't ever cash out for more then 1000, you will get flagged after 2-3 cashouts at the max. I am not banned but if I ever try to send/receive from the phillippines or other common area for poker sites they don't let it threw. Pretty sure I can send in the US or to family members.
  5. moving to brig/ac area in a month or two
  6. just saw kenny rap in bed bath n beyond snortin bath salts. yolo
  7. nothing new?? lock isn't giving me rb bc I already had it with cake even tho ive always had rb with lock before they merged. I don't get how lock can answer emails within minutes and have WU cashouts while cake is not responsive and taking months.
  8. Stacking helped me a lot initially. Anything over 24 tables, I stack and don't watch the results. I don't even know I am at final tables til I see a seat taken away. And I try my best when I am all in to cover the screen or make sure a table pops up. I try not to stack now. I like watching the action and seeing how others are shoving or playing different spots. I pretty much just taught myself to look away from results tho from stacking. Every hand is a new hand, just make the best decision... on to the next hand. It scares me that you are having thoughts like this, your graph in 180
  9. switch between rap, alternative, and classic rock on pandora. Final tables just play eminem till I collapse on repeat

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