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  1. This is about Bad Players getting lucky

    IMO there is a huge difference between a bad beat, and losing to an idiot who plays every hand and is getting lucky. I would rather lose 100 in a row to a player that actually played the hand right and rivered me. Then lose to a guy who is calling every bet made, and is rivering me. I am pretty sure there are players out there that pretty much give players simular to me a migrane every bet they make. They make you not want to even be at the table how bad they play. Everyone says wait till you have a monster and then strike. They problem is even when you know you have them beat at the moment of your move. You know they ate going to get you on the river. Lost a tournament with these two hands Keep in mind this is a table with 5 people at it... Hand One: J/10 off Flop 7 J 10(rainbow) - I bet the pot... He calls Turn 6 - I bet half the pot - Puts him all in if he calls... He calls with A 9 off(This is where he should of folded, but hedidn't and hit one of 4 cards that could beat me) River 8 - yay the idiot that risked it all with a gut shot just took 60% of my chips Very next hand I am dealt 10/10... I am big blind and I have 12x the BB left. He raises x2 I call Flop 9 6 2 two clubs and a spade - I go all in... He of course calls with A 8 off Turn Q hearts River A diamonds I wouldn't be so upset about these losses if the guy wasn't playing every hand and screwing with everyone at the table. The shit gets annoying when players like that get rewarded over and over again.

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