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  1. yeah id definatly do this if we got some better intrest likt 10-20 people
  2. while stars is some at fault here, how do you not have any form of id, and think you would be able to change your account? id imagine at some point they would want proof atleast that your name is in your account...
  3. sent from p-halt, team includes dwnbydabrdge, and 4toedstatue
  4. got 2 for the team tlb comp, lemme know if you want to be the third
  5. well now uncaj5 misunderstood what i said, so we have one spot open now again. i 1000000% want to do this
  6. me and dwnbydabrdge and uncaj5 are in. since 2p2 is down, i think if you delayed this untill the start of next sunday like 3-4 more teams might enter. its the day right before scoop, so not like we are missing out on too much
  7. lol. i dont get it. all the merge regs are so mad people get to play ticket accounts, yet alot of them are supposed losers. lets get them all banned so the games get harder!
  8. this is all usless. merge is gonna get shut down anyday now so then we will all be the scammers
  9. yep, been positng here all day lol
  10. pretty interesting article, does bring up some good points

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