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  1. Hey everyone, Not sure if anyone has run into this but I have been temporarily banned from Pokerstars NJ (pending investigation) and perma banned from 888 NJ due to the geolocation company claiming that there has been suspicious activity and/or software being used to hide my location. I'm currently working with the state gaming authority to try and get this resolved but I am wondering if anyone has had this nonsense happen to them. I have been playing online in NJ for about two year with no issues other than the normal geolocation stuff that is easily resolved by rebooting he app and now all of a sudden I am being accused of gaming the system. I have all Apple products, iPhone, iPad, iMac so I am wondering if there is some built in software that is screwing me up or if the geolocation companies are just Mickey Mouse organizations that don't really know wtf they are doing! Even more annoying is just how useless and unhelpful the customer service of the sites is, they refuse to talk to you over the phone, it is just emails from a million different customer service people and it is insanely frustrating dealing with it, I don't know how the state allows them to have such crappy service and claim that there are no phone numbers to call. Anyway, not sure if any of you have been through this or can give me advice on how to clear up the issue and get back online. Thank you in advance for any help/advice that you can give me. Jimmy K

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