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  1. Spoilers Episode 1??? Not sure if we have to post this the night of, but still. The thing that the guy took off the well that he said wasn't the idol.......that has to be the idol, right? No idea what else it could be or any other reason for it on there.
  2. Noob question on Bovada. I bet $10 on 17 to win, place, and show, but it doesn't show a payout. Is that locked in at 50:1 for win now or do I get the final odds at post time?
  3. Tapes, not threads. Not hating, just curious.
  4. Show her this thread, to me you have come off as fun, creative, and thoughtful. However, after her panties drop as she reads the OP, close the site ASAP before she clicks your profile and finds that two of your last seven threads started are "Porn Stars, before and after makeup" and "Ever get hit by a girl before" EDIT: Also on your first page of threads started.....from 2011 is one about Mix"ed" tapes. Exactly how many of these have you made?
  5. Nice promo. Thanks to P5s and FanDuel for running!
  6. Could be wrong, but I thought Garrett said that since he was so sure that he wasn't going home that he didn't bring the idol to TC and he left it in his bag at camp. Not sure if the producers take his bag out, if it just lays there, or if they put it back in play. Spencer/LJ are looking good so far. Tasha has surprised and impressed me also.
  7. NetFan is 8/8 with UConn win. Nova win and we are both 7/8 and I'm 6 points clear of the field. Cash out?
  8. Ending was meh. Not spectacular, but not totally terrible--disappointing because I was expecting more.
  9. The workmanship on the tattoo is very high quality.

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