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    $2/5 NLH
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    anything turbo

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  1. Dan, what stakes have you been playing in the ring games on WPN? That's an interesting point that you (and Doug) make about min-raising in the micro ring games. I've always been a 2.5x'er in micro ring games, so maybe that's a leak of mine. I'm amazed at how quickly you went from $100 to $868 in just 6 days. I wish there was more discussion/info on your game selection during those first few days because as a micro grinder myself, building that roll up from a $100 deposit can be tricky. It looks like you maybe just took some shots, and it ended up paying off? Also, have you thought about streaming like Doug or Drew? I know I would be a regular viewer if you ever decide to. I definitely enjoy watching online crushers from my home state of NC.

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