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  1. Learn, understand, and embrace the swings you are going to expose yourself to. Don't get tilted too easily or at all (or at least minimize it's effect on your play). Experience really is extremely valuable. Playing as much as you can will build this experience faster. Do LOTS of studying/homework. I cannot stress this enough. Staying ahead of the curve is key. Chatting with other successful players is a huge help too, but just make sure you don't take too much different advice or you will just confuse yourself. As you gain experience you will get better at taking advice and etc from o
  2. Hmmm, maybe next time I should actually read HHs better instead of just assuming there are antes. I'd probably fold here =[
  3. Going all in is fun. I do it often. +entertainmentEV ldo Also, you should work more spite calls into your game if you want to maximize your ROI
  4. JoeDeertay

    Shove Range....

    Having unbalanced ranges isn't that bad against a table full of fish though, imo. It only really matters against regs.
  5. Against most random fish I'm betting all streets until I get raised, which I would fold to.
  6. As luck said, starting out by assigning the Nash ranges from holdemresources.net and as you get more experience you can make the ranges more accurate.
  7. lol I'd have 3bet less and cbet/jammed a flop like this one most likely if he is really THAT much of an aggrotard. But, as played, I'd just jam over the flop bet because you shouldn't have anything here and he might just bet his entire range.

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