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    I have been playing poker on and off for 25 Years.
    I enjoy the history of the game and love tournament poker.
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    Independent Business owner
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  1. Online Poker is Totally Dead for Many Reasons. 1. You can only play legally in a few states in the USA. 2. All the Prize pools are so much lower and the Player Base is super small full of good regs. 3. The Poker Sites with Bigger Player Pools are Non Regulated such as ACR. Do you really think this site could pay anyone that Won? NO theres 0 Money and its illegal and unregulated 4. Less people Depositing cause of poor sites and Constant Bad Press- Full Tilt, Absolute Poker Etc. 5. Check all the Top US Pros ROI. Only the Very Best are making very little money 6. I think most people feel like Online Poker is a Huge Scam See #5 7. The Poker Sites could care less about their Players . Poker Stars taking away Rake Back 8. The Games are all Dried Suggestions! Never Play on Un Regulated Poker Sites! Don't give these Scumbags your Money. Full Tilt and Absolute Cheated Players and they were Regulated. Do you really Believe am Un regulated site is Legit? If so you are a Fish Good luck losing all your Money Play Live at Casinos cause Online Poker is Dead .

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