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    I have been playing poker on and off for 25 Years.
    I enjoy the history of the game and love tournament poker.
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    Independent Business owner
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  1. ACR is The Worst Poker Site - Beware Dont Play here

    ACR is by far the worst poker site i have ever played on. I honestly do not trust this site and i think its rigged for profitable players to lose. I cash on ACR a ton and Make lots of Final Tables but you never get the big score and it will bad beat you to death the next 50 buy ins. The software and Network is Horrible. Tons of Glitches and Network Crashes that Affects Gameplay. Constantly Crashes and Times you out. Tons of Bots on ACR and it always does this Thing once a month like a kill switch. The Cycle is Exactly the same. I understand Variance Trolls. Deposit and run hot then cash a ton last about 7-10 days. Then for like 7 days in a row All hands all in get beat no matter what 100s of bad beats. I am pretty sure certain accounts are targeted. I am in the $ about 27.5 % of the Time and have a 60% Roi and i still think its Rigged. I have complained and complained to ACR. The kill switch seems to happen right after i contact their customer service. You can look on the sharkscope and check the #s for all the ACR Players. No one is in the Profit that plays on this site long enough. I really don;t think this site is fully legit and I honestly hate ACR. Please bring back online poker to the USA . Its a Fucking Scam to have to play on these Trash un regulated sites.

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