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  1. To jdpc27: After taking some time to reflect after reading your post regarding bob2bob I feel like I need to get a few things out in the open using this “public forum”. I have known bob2bob for about 6 months and got to spend a great deal of time with him this past summer in Vegas. While I’m not going to get into the details of the makeup situation or any of the backing numbers that were discussed previously (I think TitanTom handled this in the most professional manner possible). I’d like to focus on the slanderous things that were said about a man who is now in a defenseless position with his reputation on the line. I use the word slander and I need people to understand the seriousness of this situation. To question a man’s character away from the poker tables is not only irrelevant in this situation; it is classless, distasteful and speaks a lot about your character. It is none of your business how a man spends his free time away from the poker tables. If he wants to gamble while he is in Las Vegas that is his choice, if he wants to spend time having some drinks with friends that is his choice. To question the work ethic of someone in the same field as yourself based on what he does away from the poker tables is disrespectful and hands down the most ignorant of the points you brought up (and trust me it was difficult for me to conclude which of your ridiculous comments was the most ignorant). I talk to bob on a daily basis and know firsthand that his work ethic is as strong as anyone I have ever dealt with in the poker industry. If you had a disagreement with him regarding numbers and money then YOU should have had it in writing. Period, end of story. After reading your original post, then your follow up saying “what’s the other side of the story? that we didn't give him a piece of paper that said you owe us 33k? no we did not”. Good luck finding anyone who has a god damn clue in life to give you any sympathy or respect when you follow up one ignorant post with another. In life there are people that get it and people that don’t. Based on every topic you touched base on I don’t need to know anything more about you to know that you are a pompous, arrogant, classless member of the poker community. I hope that one day you realize how disrespectful you have been for bringing up such issues in a public forum for everyone to see but the sad reality is you probably never will. All you have done here is show your true colors to not only the people that know you, but to those that don’t as well.

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