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  1. hi guys I´m pro poker player since 2007, playing most cash game and live cash game and mtt in brasil. The live field here is extremely soft and on last year i´m a little bit tired of playng this games. I start to thinking to move to mtt online when I meet Kovalski on a major live tournament and after we talk a lot about poker he offered to be my backer and start to play mtt on abi of 55$ We discuss a lot of poker and I learn a lot from him, but the fact is i´m about 18k down on 1200 games. He is fully confident in my game, but I start to wonder if is just variance. I beat nl100 on line which theoretically is more than enough to beat the field off abi 55$, I saw winners with a awfull post flop, so post flop seems not to be my big problem. My pre flop game isnt the best, but i learn a lot from kovalski and I expect if i have some huge leak at this point kovalski is already fixed that. So my question is, which possibly i´m doing wrong? What I can review on my game to find some bizarre leak? One big difference on our games is that kovalski is way more agressive in early tournament. I raise the question about his abi, because on lower stakes players just can´t fold, so i trend to play more for value. I realize reading my post that probably there isnt much to say, but i apreciate any help or comment about some similar variance. Ty for your help!

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