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  1. Hello. I'm a mid-stakes live & online MTT player and Twitch streamer. I recently switched sites and began playing on ACR on April 25th, 2016. I am selling action with ZERO MARKUP to build trust with stakers. I have a career Final Table % of 10.3%, but we have still not yet made an FT on ACR, so we are overdue for a big cash here real soon. Great timing for investors to hopefully get in on a long overdue big FT ITM. Package includes: $55 buy-in $50,000 GTD - 11:00 am Pacific Time $22 buy-in $25,000 GTD - 11:00 am Pacific Time $30 buy-in $12,500 GTD - 3:00 pm Pacific Time Selling for $1.07 per 1%. I am selling a total of 30% and keeping 70% of the action myself. 5% is already sold, so I have 25 1% shares still remaining. Let me know if u have any questions or are interested in buying action. All 3 tournaments will be streamed live on twitch at twitch.tv/JPDoesNotLikeU IMPORTANT: If you are paying via P2P transfer on ACR, the name you are sending the money to is CASE SENSITIVE (uppercase and lowercase letters must match EXACTLY) . It must look like JPDoesNotLikeU, NOT jpdoesnotlikeu. Failure to match upper & lower case letters will result in the money being lost in limbo, unable to be retrieved by sender or recipient. To ensure the money arrives safely and avoid forfeiture of your stake when doing P2P transfer, COPY AND PASTE THE NAME EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS BELOW:

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