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    i like to play pokers
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    in da comfort of my own home eh
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    anything zoom
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    NLHE 109's

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  1. Bad call in 600 freeze?

    600 freeze out w 150 entrants roughly 21 k up top. down to 20 ppl CO shoves 8 BB's and I have 66 in BB w 9 BBs. I called but not sure if I should call or fold here. Top 15 make money where min cash is worth 1600. payouts are pretty flat until top 5. blinds were 4000/2000 w 400 antes and we were playing 7 handed. The high ante really was eating away at stacks and making pots very valuable to attempt to steal. Also, everyone was timebanking and we were probably seeing max 14-15 hands/hour. I think I could of grinded into money but probably would not of had a shot at having a top 3 finish. I leaned towards and eventually did call because I thought I could definitely abuse those waiting for the money and run the stack up quite a bit more and have a relatively decent shot at a deep run if I won the all in. Villian was young and played pretty much straight forward with not too much history between us but had been at his table for over an hour. Thoughts?? sorry if I left out any details.

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