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  1. Steve Young is Mormon, he can't be gay, he probably has 4 secret wives and 8 mistresses. edit: At best he's heavily closeted.
  2. Yeah it was a half-assed attempt, honestly I just hope they lose out and the Jags or Bucs can luckbox a couple wins then the Falcons win a coinflip and get the #2 and Clowney. Is there a thread for anti-sweating your team?
  3. What's a realistic NFC playoff picture looking like right now? I'd imagine: 1. Seattle 2. New Orleans 3. Green Bay 4. Dallas 5. San Francisco 6. Detroit/Carolina Maybe switch New Orleans and Green Bay, and give Chicago a realistic chance at the 6 seed?
  4. "Homerism and jtown go hand in hand. Pretty sad to see the mike smith era ending so soon. They were elite, cough cough, like a month ago weren't they? The Houston of the Southeast." I'm willing to admit the Falcons may not be top 5 in the league, but they're top 10 for sure, just running bad.
  5. I was probably a 7 Freshman year but I took 3 easy steps to become a 10 by sophomore year. 1. Skip every computer lab. 2. Get expelled from school. 3. Go to private school. When I got to private school sophomore year I had a kind of celebrity status because I was the new guy and had been to public school. I never capitalized on my "coolness" though because I always chilled with my friends that I grew up with and they made fun of me for going to private school. As a Freshman people assumed I was pretty cool because I rode to school with a Junior that was popular and I hung out with a lot of the popular upperclassmen crowd at Waffle House before school. I played sports and was decent in public school, then a superstar in private school.
  6. I did this and used Claussen pickles as you advised and it was A+.
  7. Tuna + mac n cheese is standard where I grew up
  8. Oh yeah I usually call them soft drinks. I don't drink soda/pop/etc though so I never really call them anything.
  9. What if he doesn't have any soda? Would you just give up instead of going over all the different drink options or just ask for something to drink?
  10. Seems like the obvious play is to just call the drink by it's actual name, there's really no need to call it soda/pop/coke (unless you want a coke) at all.
  11. I think it's a good thing to have experienced players like FWK discuss things like markups and ROIs, he's bought/sold a decent amount and has more experience than a guy like me in live MTTs so I think his insight is valuable here.
  12. Eh I ballparked him in the 50-60% ROI range which I don't think is ridiculous in a huge field soft MTT like the millionaire maker. I may have overestimated his edge or the softness of the field but I definitely don't think it's way too steep. Josh is a good player and 1.4 is probably breakeven at worst imo, I think there's decent value there obv.
  13. Cash in Vegas works for me, I trust you with my tax info obv.
  14. I just want to post this here for future reference: "Let me run some rough estimated numbers. say the tourney gets 400 people, and after rake the prizepool will be 384 buyins. there are probably 50 fish with an average ROI of -40% (they win 30 buyins back), so thats 354 buyins left. then there are 250 ok-good tourney regs with a -10% ROI on average (they win 225 buyins back), leaving 129 buyins for the top 100 tourney players. meaning the average ROI for the top 100 players is 29%. id imagine the top 15 guys (ivey, ike, seidel, mercier, marchese etc) maybe have 40%+ ROIs capping out around the 75% area and the top 5 maybe 75% and the other 85 are all in the 10-40 range. now im gonna list out ~75-80 great players (no offense if i didnt list someone, i just wrote out a bunch of names i saw on a list and off the top of my head) who im 95%+ certain will be playing this tournament given how close it is to the main event. tell me where you think galen ranks amongst them in terms of ROI. keep in mind galen has played less than 100 live tournaments, was basically only a pro for 2 years, has a 24% ROI in online tournaments and has no online high stakes cash experience. ivey, mercier, seidel, katchalov, sorel, moorman, marchese, haxton, seiver, bonomo, timex, glantz, schulman, elky, trickett, raptor, menlo, gboro, ben86, sauce1234, djk, ben lamb, yevgheniy, genius28, galfond, jungleman, stinger, cole south, olivier busquet, andrew robl, lee markholt, chris klodnicki, daniel alaei, will reynolds, will molson, aejones, tjbentham, nanonoko, 0human0, isildur, terken, jeans89, doc sands, jason koon, dan smith, steve odwyer, shawn buchanan, jon duhamel, vanessa selbst, sam stein, luckychewy, bryn kenney, floes, amak316, mig.com, charder, stevie444, apestyles, ender555, taypaur, elio fox, bakes, jake cody, benyamine, joe tehan, antonius, shaun deeb, btherecom, john monnette, tim0thee, brianm15, pokerjamers, joe tehan, brian rast, basebaldy, chris moore, scott clements, matt waxman, jjprodigy. giving him every benefit of the doubt id still have him ranked at best around #40 or in a group similar to those guys #25-#60. also consider there are probably 20+ very good cash game players both live and online that will show up that im not thinking of that have an edge in this tournament. guys like king10ofclubs or shane rose. theres simply no way its possible for him to have a 61% ROI in this tournament." -Ryan Daut

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