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  1. I knew mumbies123 was a sick reg from another site last night...didnt know it was jymaster11...sick game at the final table man gg and lol @ that player who got 4th thinking you guys were chip dumping

  2. Minraise online but if it's a live tourney you're definetely gonna want to make it min+a green
  3. Is everyone's goal to just confuse the guy as much as possible? Ricky it's 8/47 to hit the turn and if you miss the turn, it's 8/46...not much more to hit than that
  4. Problem is stars is usually oi his chat game for 9-10 months of the year
  5. I'll tell you what it means if you tell me what "like call me or take the piss out of me for not knowing" means
  6. I brought my desktop to Toronto so I'm able to use the Hot Keys that pokerstars has, they're pretty awesome and it makes playing a lot of tables so much easier
  7. I sent the money to 'em already, they had to of won
  8. Jamie left Mexico today so he sent the money to me to distribute so once I get the official results I'll send it out. I'm almost 100% positive it is Illini/Daize/Huni but just wanna get a definite answer first.
  9. illini213/big huni/gettin daize=3,318.19 paulgees81/jymaster11/kleath=2,893.71 g's zeee/flush_entity/squee451=2,684.41 apestyles/zackattak13/sms9231=2,387.84 ronaldkosh/pokerjamers/theczar19=2,272.41 These are the total team scores at the beginning of Sunday
  10. Tell them once as a courtesy, if they keep doing it then they are fair game and I'm more than happy to look at their cards with them

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