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  1. Use bitcoin method problems will be solved in terms of payout times
  2. PM sobankrupt about home game(s) in sarasota.
  3. Sarasota dog track has a good poker room. Also another poker room in fort myers.
  4. With dwindling guarantees and fewer players, at what point does carbon say fuck it, this isnt worth it. They close up shop and run off with everyones money?
  5. Requested max check on 4/26. Contacted gaming commission two weeks ago no response. I just hope i see this check, as ive almost given up hope ill ever see the rest of my roll reach my bank Account. Congrats to all who finally got paid.
  6. Considering these payout timelines, i hope carbon accounts for inflation in my check.lol what a fucking joke.
  7. Don't know about that tournament. But at the Sarasota dog track they're having a $230 40k trny going on. Sunday is the 2nd of 3 day ones. Trny concludes December 7th.
  8. I play there. Best trnys by far are Friday thru Sundays. Good structures. Trnys during the week after the first hour play like turbos. Very soft 1-2nl. 2-5nl is fairly soft with a few decent regs. Dealers aren't the greatest in terms of being friendly. Hope this helps. Good luck to u.
  9. Thanks for the comments everyone. In fact I did ship my stack to isolate and player behind me called and turned over AA.
  10. He flat called a 3bet once with QQ. But overall he's playing 50-75% of hands and running well.
  11. Playing at a fairly loose 2-5 game with a stack of about 1k. UTG opens to $25 I 3bet from UTG+1 to $75preflop with AKo. Player right behind me who hasn't 3bet all night but has no problem calling a 3 or 4 bet calls the $75. His stack is about $1200. Around to the sb who just sat down and only has $200 behind shoves all in. Back to UTG who folds. Back to me. What is the optimal play? Throw another raise out there to isolate small stack and try to cleanup all the potential dead money out there or do I flat because player behind has a deep stack as well? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  12. Thanks everyone for your time and input. Pokerduuude thanks a lot for breaking down the hand and running some different scenarios.
  13. Not mad at all and I made the call just, knew someone flopped straight which was the case. But I guess I'm still getting right price to turn or river boat. Thanks for feedback
  14. It's 1:50am at local card room that closes at 2am. 4 limpers and I'm dealt KK in the sb. I raise to $30 preflop knowing everyone is trying to hit one last big pot before closing. All 4 limpers call. Thought $30 could get two out possibly isolate one.Flop JTK the J and T are clubs. I lead out $100 into $150 pot. Limper UTG with 200bbs behind check raises to $200. UTG does a lot of limping/calling rarely preflop raises. 2nd limper who is reckless ships $250. Everyone else folds back to me.... Any suggestions on where to go From here? So it seems like im facing another $150 to call potential$700 plus another $50 cuz im taking first limper all in if im staying in hand.Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. First post btw be nice:)

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