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    Photovoltaics produces 200,000 gallons of diesel equilivent per acre. Corn produces 100 gallons of biodiesel per acre. Biodiesel requires class A farmland, Photovoltaics is best used in the desert. Thus, biodiesel should be abandoned for photovoltaics.
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  1. We all are expected to walk that straight line to Las Vegas to put our poker money in real casinos, real dealers, and real rake. All because Bill Frist, decided to put a couple lines in a bill most likely the result of his 10th or 12th largest campaigned contributor Harrah's. To make a long story short I take down iron man freeroll, win it. Take down bronze and silver heads-up freeroll and head to Trader Joes for a 1/2 pound of smoked salmon to celebrate the win with my full tilt t-shirt on. I get to the checkout and a worker, notices the t-shirt and we take up a conservation and I seem a l
  2. About 2 years ago I use to post on this board as a left wing democrat. Anyways Is it time to end the post office? They have been running deeply in the red and would it not be better if they were a tax payer and pay corporate taxes rather than pay no taxes and live rent free on government owned land. We could sell the post office, collect corporate tax, and charge rent to use the post offices to the highest bidder. Is it time to allow people to buy products from non-union shops. I try to go into Fresh and Easy and these union types are out there protesting for the right to take over the c
  3. The government is at fault. It is legal to play on Foreign online poker sites. If I remember correctly it may be legal for sites to transfer money from the poker sites to your bank account (UIGEA only covered money going the other way). Did FTP and PS shut their sites down to U.S. players, or did the government shut their sites down? "The companies took about a third of the payments as their cut for hosting the poker games, the DOJ said." Las Vegas takes far more! Online poker is far cheaper and safer. The rakes are $3 per hand online and $1.50 after rakeback and bonuses, while casinos ofte
  4. Haven't listened to much music lately then the movie came out "Get Him to the Greek". Anyways I was wondering if anyone likes this band too. Russell Brand was the host of SNL last week. Going Up Live Inside of You African Child
  5. Whenever I play a 45 man $69 sng at full tilt poker rounder63 is always there. There are many 45 man regulars I would think.
  6. If you go into any casino today you can get a win loss statement of your slot gambling if you use your card. It makes your taxes easier to do. Does anyone know if Full Tilt Poker or Pokerstars offer something like this?
  7. kasilof

    FTP Accounts

    Have you tried rakeback pros for existing accounts?
  8. already shipped. $7 more to each. There are lot of people that built a $17 bankroll into millions. pbdrunks was called by poumi554 and he had oly one entry and finished 6th so it was toughest pick there. So if you don' want it ship it to him.
  9. kojacksfull - transferred $10 unlukyduck82 - transferred $10 patthecat35 - transferred $10 I will PM apestyles list of winners.
  10. I guess you 3 tie kojacksfull, unlukyduck82, patthecat35 for 1st 2nd and 3rd. 1st post and pick on the list. kojacksfull - no id in database at full tilt unlukyduck82 - transferred $10 patthecat35 - no id in database at ftp
  11. 111 left. thanks apestyles for adding to prize pool. jse81 tedfishfry still going, Gratz was leader for a while but has fallen back a bit, Cunningham Bloch Mortenson still going, gboro going, luckychewy still kickin, ducku still there. next update 3:00 am. 55 left. tedsfishfry 3rd. ryanwelch. ducku, rdscrn probably missed a few still going. next update 4:00 am. top 27 remaining TEdsFishFry - kojacksfull, unluckyduck82, patthecat35 pbdrunks - poumi554 so if tedfishfry comes in they are tie for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and get $10 each. If pbdrunks comes in poumi gets $15 and the other
  12. Sorry for the delay my wireless router blew out and my backup was broken. Danger of playing 4 players in one tournament lost $100 bucks. Whoa Nelly $1,400,000 prize pool. luckychewy is doing good. Getting daize is up there. Next update 1:00 am shallowcal (might be too late)charder30, pureprofit4, begsclutch, imabigkidnow, apestyles, jse81, bhanks11, isaac baron, jungleman12, ryanwelch soonerdel 1. allen cunningham 2. luckychewy 3.akj hoosier 4. apestyles 5. charder30 hussainsajwani 1. Brian Hastings, 2. John Racener, 3. Jon Turner, 4. Joseph Cheong, 5. Luckychewy, 6. Agriffrod, 7. big
  13. 10 more minutes and you win. so we have 2.
  14. Well you are the only entry so far.

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