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  1. I agree with that i had some success there. However i still would like a good schedule to play to. This i can only seem to find at stars
  2. Thanks guys... My ROI is currently 240%... due to a large cash recently. I see where all of yours points are going. I did ask recently somewhere... where can i take my big cash winnings and play some lower fields? I love to play poker but on stars you need to fight 8000 people... party has lower fields but fewer tournies... Tilt is closed down... Any help? Thanks again. JJ
  3. I thought i would check my cash rate of late as i seem to be cashing left right and centre (albeit not as deep as i would like) and it shows up at 18% ITM. Is this high? JJ
  4. Thank G... long time since i seen you online, since FT went down... You need to throw me a message some time, i have sent you PMs... J
  5. ipoker not great though.. .although the plus side is that no late reg.. .so once it starts it starts... i like that on ipoker. hope it stays. anyone else?
  6. Can anyone suggest a good site or two for small - mid stakes MTTs where i can find some reasonable gaurantee prizes without 15krunners? stars has great games which are $3.30 rebuy for $30k pots... but you have to fight through a minimum of 3krunners!!! Full tilt was better when there was no USA,,, so lower fields. After i managed to fight such a field and have over $2k in my BR... i would consider withdrawing and finding another site where i can play for big-ish pots but with a smaller field. Any suggestions? JJ
  7. It was $3.30 donkfest 2xturbo on stars... Saw it in lobby, fancied it as it was $10k gaurantee... loaded up $22 from my bank... approx £16 or something... Re-bought until i had $3 ish left and used that for add-on... The rest is history...
  8. Haha... no way!!! Going to play safe... good br management... last time i got to $990 on full tilt i withdrew $660 and blew the last $330... this time... i am going all the way! WSOP 1st place!!!! Not How often do results update on here? Want to know where i stand in the Norwich area haha
  9. Thanks mate! Been playing for about 5 years casually... last 3 years a bit more serious always from basic BR... now i can take out $1.3k to clear my overdraft and save $1k for a decent BR!!!! Variance beaten... finally! lol
  10. Just made a big-ish score! Finally!!!! I won almost every flip on this rocky road for once... and i feel the justice haha! all those Aces cracked by AK... finally a smile on my face. My biggest score to date $2324 i think... approx! That's £1400 in my sterling! Just had to tell someone as it's late and my Mum isn't impressed i txt her! haha JJ
  11. Easy call... Never folding! Most of the time he has AQ KQ... Don't upset yourself... It's just brutal! Have you watched the hand between Robl and Lewis? QQ VS 99... I suggest you watch it and you will feel ALOT better !!! haha

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