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  1. Just flatting pre to the OR would be horrendous imo. Just leaves yourself open to being squeezed on (ironically) by the blinds,as there will be a ton of money in the middle. Also if both blinds were to just fold, when OR cbets almost every board we're going to have to fold. At least when raising and he calls we should be able to define his range more clearly and should be able to rule out low cards, most suited connectors and he may even fold some small/mid pocket pairs to us. The momentum is now with us and we can profitably make a small cbet on most dry boards successfully. If he jams over the top we can sigh fold, and still have a half decent stack left. The only slight argument you could have for just flatting pre is if you have a ton of history and evidenced a balanced range here, but I find at these stakes balancing isn't a major factor in most cases, and you just end of levelling yourself. FWIW there isn't a ton of history between us and this was a newish table with only like 20 hands played so far.

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