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  1. This is KingKobeMVP on pokerstars. I just wanted to put in my 2 cents. I do respect AJKHoosier which is why I was shocked by this hand, but I can see him thinking about how aggressive I had been playing. I think my style worked great because he called a 4bet with 99 when my range include JJ+ and AK only. In his defense, AK obviously takes up most of my range but I dont think its worth calling off that much money when your hoping to flip it. In the 4 hours we played together or whatever he never ever saw me 4bet shove, and everytime my cards got flipped up I had the goods. I was opening rather wide as I felt the table was pretty soft but i was folding to 3bets. Not much else to say, NH AJK and gl at the final table.

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