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  1. what poker site isnt licensed? The article never addresses wether that subsection of the canadian criminal code says wether the presiding license has to be in canada(either poor research into a non story or poor writing for a mild story), and its from a business magazine, Im gonna take a stab in the dark and say she probably doesnt have much of a clue about what she speaks, just wrote down whatever she could easily find off google.
  2. Looks like romeo wins $2500, good game i was dead money with such a pathetic grind, please enjoy my share on drug of some sort, thank
  3. http://pocketfives.com/contests/heatwave-competition-aug-2013
  4. T 54 - 806 romeopro - 901 young diam - 626 statusup - 328 ME - 351 thats what i eyeball so far give or take a couple points, will try to get an official lb up at some point in next day or 2
  5. final roster me og bikini wax T94682938652 young_bluecolour18 romeomustpro will beak at the powers that be tomorrow about the leaderboard, for now 0s for me............
  6. Top 10 PLB point results rpro Need people to start sending buyins, only me and statusup locked in so far tomorrow is only a day away
  7. BUMP only couple days left, there was talk on 2p2 thread of doing a 2 on 2 pick your own team also but idk that we have enough people for that, as is we have kleath dirty.brasil T54 statusup tmoney(maybe) will take side action if anyone wants to bump it up a bit
  8. lol they stole my ideas for bellagio.com biweekly 132k monday rebuy this is bullshit whats next the 50k thursday 8game with 6 day late reg?
  9. WOW its bout to get HOT around these parts! Dead of summer so why not stay inside and play on the computer during the lovely FTOPS poker festival, why not put some fucking money on it and get TURNTHAFUCCUPPPP BUYIN: 500 USD, Ill be holding send to kleath(malta) dino av on stars DATES: well you probably see in the title but aug 4th-18th, coincidentally the exact same time that the full tilt online poker series is going on, huh SCORING: standard PLB system, top 10 scores count, im sure we can get a leaderboard goin for this like usual, no buyin cap anything that counts for plb counts. PAYOUT: WTA unless we get some massive landrush STARTS NEXT SUNDAY! Will take some side action as well if anyone wants to play a little higher, just think 500 gets biggest prizepool in these, bring it on fellas Entrants: kleath
  10. gonna post thread later today at 500, think itll get more ppl will take some side action as well TURNTTHEFKKUPPPPP
  11. Some people were sayin might be more interest if it was a 500, could certainly change to that. Post up if you'd be interested in a smaller buyin or whatever, also if it wasnt clear this is for all sites, just during ftops dates.
  12. Hey yall, wanna do a comp during ftops, tryin to see how many people are interested in battling. Details im thinking are Aug 4th-18th 1k buyin all mtts count standard p5s scoring criteria top 10 scores WTA Im sure they could hook us up with a contest page like has been done in the past.

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