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  1. so a 64-movie bracket with 8 movies per year isn't happening? disappointing
  2. by far....the most difficult one for me was hanks vs depp. i think depp is the better actor, but i've enjoyed hanks' movies more and think extremely highly of him as a human.
  3. Agreed. I also felt the same way about Sin City.
  4. yellow starburst is the best of the originals the beatles are insanely overrated
  5. kmc28

    WSOP ME Stream rail

    On dinner break. Should be back on in like 20 min I believe
  6. kmc28

    Big Brother 20

    the eviction order contest is the one where you choose your own order tho
  7. kmc28

    Big Brother 20

    not big timing. just haven't watched in a couple years honestly haha. the show's been such a disaster. if yall want to do the eviction order contest, i can fire that up though. up to you guys
  8. That was just an amazing catch for the int. Can’t even be that mad about it
  9. i couldn't get into it, unfortunately. i'd probably like it a lot more if i tried playing. i'm sure i'd enjoy playing, then in turn enjoy watching. there's just too much shit going on that it's difficult for an outsider to pick up quickly. i'll probably try to watch some more as the season goes on--hopefully i'll understand what's going on better.
  10. top of the hour i believe is when the first game starts. ive been watching counterstrike too hah. ill likely flip back and forth, especially if a shitty CS match is on

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