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  1. That's the kind of board that probably connects with a typically weak SB or BB blind hand. 76, 56, 78, J8, JX suited, anything suited, those are exactly the kinds of hands you would expect those guys to defend with. And you had two in the hand, not just one. The already high odds of somebody hitting that flop doubled with both blinds in. You could have got a free street there with your two very strong over cards and a backdoor broadway if you'd have just checked. That was the perfect time to see a turn cheap. You can bet on later streets too. If all you do is C-bet with any holding, the check raise is a very profitable weapon to be used against you. They can do it with cards, equity, or air and they're going to make money. Can't be that exploitable. And when they do call your bluff, you can't fold 100% of the time either. That's exploitable too. You have to continue sometimes even though you don't want to, to guard against that as well. That probably would have been a good time to do it, maybe even 3 bet and tell him you hit that too. And what does c-betting really accomplish there? If nobody has hit anything, they fold, you win .20 euros. If somebody has hit it and check raises, or even calls, you're behind, and now you must hit a turn or river in a bigger pot that's going to be expensive to continue with just over cards and a backdoor, and you're going to have to fold the turn or river most times. And you have to remember, they think you're button open probably isn't any stronger than what they've got. You actually hit an A or Q on the turn or river, you're going to make some good money. If it checks all the way down, force them out on the river with your A high. And if you know you're beat, you can fold and it doesn't cost you much. There's more than one way to win a hand, and the really big wins are the ones that happen at showdown. You want to be going to the river for the big money as often as you can. If somebody is going to let you get there for free with a really nice hand that has good potential but not a whole lot of value at the present moment, you take it.

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