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  1. so its gonna be the SEC champ, and SEC champIONSHIP game loser, and 1-2 ranked non-SEC title game participants? how you gonna square that? regular season means squat now.
  2. hillary did not like him. thats all i know.
  3. i am gauging interest for the norcaljeff gangbang at camp fema. lmk if you are in!
  4. yes sir. a president that is for us, can not happen. he is dark. i doubt he will disappear. gotta admit though, satan coming as a republican is shear genius!!
  5. i like bout everyone around here. both "sides" kip 80 au trues pluv ozziecult hacker bob eze...ect. heres why. its because NONE of you, like me, have the ability to process how black the souls of our leaders truly are. the agenda to divide/conquer, kill, steal, and destroy, just does not register. there are two teams.....them vs us! not getting that is a very good thing actually. see yall at camp fema!
  6. how many blocks from donk's house?
  7. those were the days! i member being safe under your desk during a nuke strike. today it would be a much bigger deal. we are so soft now.
  8. i heard about this. i said to myself, it couldnt have been that bad. it is just being overblown. wrong again krazy kowboy....that is new level cringe.
  9. the thing that makes me believe, and this is true, i looked it up for myself... 9 months after the roswell nm incident, al gore was born!
  10. im sorry to hear this war.

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