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  1. Seeing this back 1.5years later I facepalm so hard trough my desk
  2. 7 hands so very small sample, but I think he played 2-3 of those against me.
  3. 1. If villain raised to 200K I might have shoved it on him hoping that he would call with worse or fold 200k. 2. I'm quite sure he was bullying me because he did 3-bet me every hand I opened. 3. I wouldn't say he was really aggro. Pessagno wasn't really pressuring me to be honest. Just looking at this picture makes me realize more and more that I should have called and probably would've been ahead and having a shot at a 250$ bounty..
  4. Blinds 5K/10K UTG min raises. Folds to me in BB I raise to 60K UTG Shoves for 55 bb's super deep. Am I folding here or calling? I know I shouldve flat pre but he's been bullying me alot before this hand.
  5. Any Belgian members from Pocketfives who are attending? Schedule: Thu 9/11 – 18:00 – Main Event 1A (€110) Fri 10/11 – 18:00 – Main Event 1B (€110) Fri 10/11 – 20:00 – PLO 4/5/6 Dealers Choice (€60) Sat 11/11 – 14:00 – Main Event Day 2 Sat 11/11 – 16:00 – Crazy Pineapple (€60) Sat 11/11 – 18:00 – High Roller Day 1 (€220) Sun 12/11 – 14:00 – Main Event Day 3 Sun 12/11 – 15:30 – Turbo Deepstack (€60) Sun 12/11 – 16:00 – High Roller Day 2 Tickets are on sale on and people who want more info can send a message to info@apat.be See you at the tables! :)

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