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  1. So i'm playing this 18 man tourny, I see this absolute MORON playing so loose, calling everything with anything, and winning all the flips, I said out loud to myself, knowing stars, knowing how retards get rewarded "This guy will 100% knock me out with a dogshit hand" I shove with pockets Q's Dealt to KrihmX [Qc Qh] Bormysh: folds ReaL MaN.IL: folds KrihmX: raises 6496 to 6646 and is all-in jaimepro1971: folds t0_be_TRUMP: folds geronimo1777: folds jonplot: calls 5684 and is all-in Uncalled bet (812) returned to KrihmX *** FLOP *** [Kc 3s Js] *** TURN *** [Kc 3s Js] [7s] *** RIVER *** [Kc 3s Js 7s] [6s] *** SHOW DOWN *** jonplot: shows [7c Jc] (two pair, Jacks and Sevens) KrihmX: shows [Qc Qh] (a pair of Queens) jonplot collected 11743 from pot As soon as I saw he flopped a jack, I was 100% sure he'd win, paired his fucking SEVEN obviously and cracked my queens why why why, sigh sigh sigh, fuck off stars
  2. Seriously...I cannot even begin to put into words the bullshit i've experienced, I have lost 90% of the last flips in about 50 tournies, I seriously cant catch a break its gotten to the point i'm saying the fucking cards that are gonna come up and suck out on me before they come... and what pushed me to make this thread? Pushing it in with QQ deep into a tournament, getting called by some one with a decent stack with 93 (?????????) as soon as I saw he flopped a 3, I knew it was game over, turns another fucking 3, whether its AK vs AQ, that queen some how makes its way into the fucking board, always on the turn or river just to give me that 80% advantage then crush me Whenever its A higher kicker vs some low shit, the fucking card always comes for the other person I've been 80% favourite in all these hands, and i still lose them most the time, This whole poker is rigged debate...I'm not gonna kick up a storm about it but it's so hard to not believe it when you see the things you see online, SO consistently fucksake...
  3. rofl, I expected as much having my first post on a poker forum as me whining about bad beats, I guess you all know the pain of them though I don't need to reiterate
  4. I need to share my pain...if I don't i'll put my fist through a wall It's gotten to the point i'm saying the cards that are gonna come up on pokerstars, and im not even joking, its not me remembering the times I get busted with a 1 outer, its like all the fucking time i'm losing all motivation for online poker Flop A 8 7, go all in with AK Get called by A Q, Q on the river Flop K A 7, go all in with A 10 GET CALLED BY POCKET FUCKING 5s, next card, 5 A10 vs a4, get rivered with a 4, 3 tournament in a row I've tried taking breaks but its like this shit happens so consistently ahh pokerstars reduces me to nearly tears sometimes with the BS 4% hands winning, I wish a betting site offered markets against me getting one outed so that i could actually profit off of these stupid odds that are fucking me up

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