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  1. I did the same thing. Made a large withdraw a couple of days before it shut down. It was all there now, so if I were you I would assume the $6k is still there :)
  2. Thx all and gratz p0cket00 :) This was so much fun! Team SlouRawl reunion at the next comp imo :D Edit: Big thanks iPlayTourneys for taking care of everything =)
  3. Here it is from my profile: Ongame - R-5376-43 bwin Sep 23rd, 2012 3:30 PM $ 16,050.00 $ 50 1 $ 3,428.50 126.69 126.69 Do I need to send an email to Dan aswell?
  4. Are the prizes for the indv comp posted anywhere? Need to know how much beer I can afford to preorder for when this is done ^^
  5. Thx guys! Thats what happens when you take saterday night off in a small town :D Not sure if I still have the lyrics, but if I find them I can post them ^^ Edit: GL today every1 :)
  6. FCK! You are awesome! SHIPPING FOR GLORY!

  7. The man who upholds the heavymetal in tournaments.


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