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  1. i only have a few hundred posts on this board or w/e, but some of you may know me as I have been rather combative throughout the past couple years. for that i apologize. quick story. id always played a decent volume online between cash/sngs/tourney and profited maybe a bit every yr. I moved to DC and came to play in an underground 2/5 game throughout my time there. the game would get pretty big, half the table would have 1000 bb's in front of them on a good night. lots of crazy, rich, asians. I won and lost over 10K in any night there, it was insane, yet intellectually, in terms of the deepstack poker (or anything else for that matter) one of the most amazing things ive ever been a part of. needless to say, i am now an attorney who plays casually online, yet still has a passion for the game. you can look at my old posts, many of them i am ashamed of. i do not mean to judge anyone. poker is a beautiful game and a great exercise of the mind. however i do believe that so many great minds competing against each other at a zero sum game has to be counterproductive to society as a whole. especially when those same minds could be being utilized for great things. i dont know. you can donate to haiti to appease some inner need but in the end are you helping more than the random businessperson who fits a cog in US society? The same guy who eventually allows our government to run the show down there? An attenuated perspective true, but think about it. regardless, it is anyones choice, what they do for a living, and everyone has their priorities, whether it is family, country, religion, friends, or anything else that comes first. i do not mean to be a dick, and my statements come more than anything from of respect of your (a poker pro's) intelligence, as I appreciate how amazing this game is. anyways, im outta p5's onto a new chapter, flame away or w/e, prolly wont read it anyways and apologies to those who feel they are owed. GLGL, kwkramer

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