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    Why do u want to listen to the stereo while the tv is on? Cause i like to party. If you dont chew big red, FUCK YOU.

    So...whos here for the gang bang?
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    32Red Poker
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    Being a degen.
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    Booze. Women. Vids. Sports. Poker. Fishing. Hunting.
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    NL/PL Omaha, $1/$2 to $2/$4
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    NL/PL HE MTTs, $20 to $50


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  1. Its because they are, you are just incapable of seeing it (or wont admit it), like about everyone else on here. Its the same team. Keep on the good fight tho. And get the same dumb responses from the goobers here. I wonder what its like to argue about the same thing all day every day, never getting anywhere with it or changing anyones opinions on the subjects because the lot of you arent willing to look at anything that doesnt fit your narrative. Anywell, ill bow out of OT for the most part again. Have fun yelling at walls about the same shit day in and day out, while nothing actually changes because you were taught to act this way.

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