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    I'm an ex-limit Hold 'em grinder who's been working in the online poker industry for over 10 years. I'm currently living in Atlanta, GA and working as a freelance poker writer.
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    Music Production, Guitar, Ping Pong, History
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    NL 100 Zoom

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  1. Saturday’s Turbo Championship of Online Poker action saw the Brazilians take yet another title, giving them a one-title TCOOP lead over both the Netherlands and Sweden overall. PokerStars Team Pro Kosei 'shinbunshi' Ichinose took home Saturday’s first TCOOP bracelet in the $215 buy-in HORSE event. Proving his skill in not just No Limit Hold‘em, but in a variety of games, the Japanese grinder rose to the top of a 374-player field, beating Canada’s ‘korjae’ heads-up for the title and a $13,673 score. Next on the schedule was Event #54, a $215 Pot Limit Omaha Heads Up tournament, which garnered just 350 entrants but exceeded its $50,000 guarantee by $20,000. After winning nine straight PLO Heads Up matches in a grueling nine-hour marathon, Australia’s ‘Anywhat’ emerged victorious, banking $13,613 after striking a deal with second place finisher ‘Mr.Andersen5’. PokerStars had some fun with the format in the Event #55 $82 No Limit Hold‘em Mixed Max Turbo tournament. Comprised of three parts, the event played through 24 levels of nine-player tables, followed by 22 levels of Six Max. The final sprint would take place at Three Max tables until a winner was crowned. Norway’s ‘Tinas21’ navigated the structure expertly, taking the title and a $24,069 chunk of the $140,625 prize pool. ‘eggabf’ of the Netherlands was right behind him, pocketing a $20,353 runner-up payday. Event #56 was the second of two tournaments in this year’s TCOOP to be decided by popular vote. The resulting “Players Voice” event was an $82 No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Eight Max, Progressive KO (33%) tournament, which drew 1,107 and created an $83,025 prize pool. ‘271066’ of the Netherlands bested his final-table competition, which included Event #20 champ and countryman ‘Dhr. Awesome’, to win his first title and over $11,000 in prizes and bounties. The tournament that followed epitomized the “Turbo” aspect of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker. The final table of the No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Six Max Hyper Turbo, Ultra Deep Win the Button tournament was played out in lightspeed. It only took Switzerland’s ‘Busyman919’ five minutes and 46 seconds to crush his five remaining competitors, winning or splitting 10 out of the 17 hands it took to play down to a winner. The Swiss grinder took home $15,966 for his efforts, leaving Sweden’s ‘WhatifGod’ in second place with an $11,177 prize. The last TCOOP title of the day was earned by Brazilian ‘Machadada RS' during the Event #58 $82 No Limit Hold‘em Saturday Speedway tournament. The win gave ‘Machadada RS’ a $42,932 payout, while putting Brazil in the lead for 2017 TCOOP titles, one more than both the Netherlands and Sweden. Event #53 - $215 HORSE Entries: 374 Prize pool: $74,800 Kosei ‘shinbunshi’ Ichinose $13,673.75 korjae $10,022.69 Gigaloff $7,346.60 Pokergenii $5,385.04 ASIAAN $3,947.22 DON CASTI $2,893.30 Andrew ‘UlDuffer’ Sweeney $2,120.78 Gambler4444 $1,554.52 Event #54 - $215 Pot Limit Omaha (Turbo, Heads Up) Entries: 350 Prize pool: $70,000 Anywhat $13,613.50* Mr.Andersen5 $11,586.50* karolukas263 $4,900.00 Ahhh ls lt? $4,900.00 MadsMP $2,730.00 ujhcrbq $2,730.00 vessarn $2,730.00 PokerLoans1 $2,730.00 *Denotes a two-way deal Event #55 - $82 No Limit Hold'em (Turbo, Mixed Max, Part Three: Three max) Entries: 1,875 Prize pool: $140,625 Tinas21 *$24,069.33 eggabf *$20,353.47 JTDStreet $9,387.63 *Denotes a two-way deal Event #56 - $82 No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo (Eight Max, Progressive KO 33%, Players’ Voice #2) Entries: 1,107 Prize pool: $83,025 271066 $8,984.27 + $1,950.84 in bounties mai0h123 $6,459.32 + $1,803.39 in bounties noeljohn $4,644.30 + $1,270.23 in bounties Lehis_69 $3,339.29 + $697.61 in bounties Dhr. Awesome $2,400.98 + $646.84 in bounties kalosVB $1,726.32 + $591.37 in bounties ImDaNuts $1,241.24 + $239.83 in bounties Vega Lyrae $892.46 + $791.74 in bounties Event #57 - $215 No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo (Six Max, Hyper, Ultra Deep, Win the Button) Entries: 432 Prize pool: $88,456 Busyman919 $15,966.40 WhatifGod $11,177.14 tonyk5432 $7,824.58 CavaloOoOo $5,477.62 TocalaSam $3,834.62 Ti0373 $2,684.44 Event #58 - $82 No Limit Hold‘em (Saturday Speedway SE) Entries: 4,003 Prize pool: $300,225 Machadada RS $42,932.55 Gymkhana1 $30,602.08 kiev545 $21,814.19 nana9192 $15,549.91 mih.mat $11,084.48 Chris 'ImDaNuts' Oliver $7,901.38 asgaran $5,632.37 Michael Keys $4,014.93 adler1270 $2,861.95

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