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  1. yeah this was an awesome era of hockey. I went to many Whalers games with my Dad from 1989 thru 1993 and then Flyers games from 1994 thru 2002. Those Whalers games were epic games going to the playoffs between the Bruins / Whalers 1991 and Canadians / Whalers 1992. i feel you need to have two teams that can high potential scoring games to make good NHL games. I went to one game against the Sabres and the final score was 6-6, an absolute blast of a game. At the time of these games you just think wow this game was great and dont realize some eras of sports are just better than others. Im sure the players are better now, especially the goalies since everything evovles but it takes more than great players to make great era/years of hockey.

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