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  1. Hello all, I used to played 6 max sng on micro limits and dos good and after a few months without playing I've decided to take a shot at Spin and Go 2€. I'm want to puto a por of volume so I can get a decent rakeback. I feel the field os easy as in this limits we see lot of week players. I'm trying to explore PT4 a bit more and trying to understand the impact that the graph for C Net Adjusted on my expected ROI. I do mistakes and I need to work a bit on my HU game but I really feel I'm domingo enough to be on the winning side but just running increadibly bad. I know that only allin situations are being taken into account but from this graph can I deduct that I should bem a winning player at this moment? I know it's a short sample and all but just wanted a second opinion. Best Regards and happy holidays.

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